I started this blog after seeing my son work a puzzle for the first time, as a result of working with an app on our iPhone. From then and there, I knew that the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are very important tools in educating my family. This blog is dedicated to finding the best of the best apps for teaching my child and yours about the world around them in all areas of life. Would you like to join us on this journey? JD and I would enjoy your company 🙂

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I thank you for mentioning Animals Sound Machine in your blog! I am an educator and when I had the idea for the app it was to create something fun for my own kids. One of the greatest benefits of being an app developer has been the emails I have gotten from around the world regarding my apps. The feeling of hearing from a teacher in New Zealand on how she has used my apps with her students will be with me forever…

    Frank Rizzo

    1. You are very welcome Frank! My son started using your app when he was just under a year! It really helped me expose him to animals. It’s amazing what your app has started. Needlesstosay, it was our first app that started my passion and this blog! I thank God every day for this amazing medium!

      God bless you!

  2. I’d like to tell you about 2 new iPad apps, called Swapsies and TallyTots!

    Make a doctor, an astronaut or even a “doc-tronaut” in this fun matching game, designed to help little learners improve their motor coordination and empirical reasoning skills. With a simple swipe of the finger, you can mix and match hats, shirts and pants to create one of several fun occupations. And because it’s designed for young minds, it’s built to explore, with large, buttons and fun sounds that reward children each time they make a match.

    Are your kids ready to learn numbers? As usual, there’s an app for that. And this one’s packed with fun! TallyTots is a new, interactive counting game designed to help children learn all their numbers from one to 20. And it’s loaded with counting adventures that will keep them busy for hours. Whether they’re picking apples, feeding a chipmunk or racing cars around the track, your little learners will love the game that turns numbers into action, and learning into a whole lot of fun.

    To learn more about our apps for young learners, visit spinlight.com/apps.

    We have a limited number of free demo codes for reviewers. If you’d like me to send you one, please drop me a line at candace@spinlight.com.


    Candace Hutton

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