It’s been a number of years since our last post.

Life has been busy. JD has younger brother now, who is adding commotion to our mix. Elijah is just as inquisitive JD always was and then some.

One thing for sure: this kid is iPad OBSESSED. When my mother was alive, she would tell me “those kids are on those iPads too much.” Mom, you know what? I said it then and I will say it now – you are right! So what do I do? They still use them daily. They fight over chargers, they fight over gaining access to the App Store. My now 4 year-old cries when his access is denied. Tough break kid.

From games to television on an iPad, it seems everything that could be covered already has. The latest to this abundance of technological overstimulation is church, not in person, but online. Yes online, as in watching a church service online instead of attending in person.

Would you consider attending a worship service online? Could you imagine going to High Holy Day services via Facebook Live?

It’s not as far-fetched as you may think.

This past year, our church made the leap to broadcasting its services online. While attendance numbers were in the teens at first, the numbers are beginning to grow. Not just one or two extra watchers a week, but like double-digit expansion.

In the past the mega church would ‘make’ it if they were featured on Christian shows like the “700 Club” or Trinity Broadcasting’s “Praise the Lord”, churches are expanding their audiences to the Facebook realm. The result, audiences all over the world, people in the modern world who have access to the internet are potential viewers. This is big business to the Christian church. Also, to the synagogues, mosques whom also broadcast their services online.

So, would you like to try a church service online? If you do, I can make a recommendation!

Take a look at Church by the Glades in the South Florida area. Located in Coral Springs, the church is led by a lion-hearted minister whose past is much like the slogan the church names itself for: ‘No Perfect People Allowed’.

Just like that minister, these iPad babies of mine love that church and call it home. Please, won’t you join us online? For more information, go to http://www.cbglades.com or like us on Facebook! Search under ‘Church by the Glades’. oh Yeah, and what sort of post would this be if I didn’t include an app?! The Church by the Glades app is free and is available in both the IOS and Android app stores. Search under ‘Cbglades’.

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