Three Standout Apps from Spinlight Studio

Here are three unique and entertaining apps from Spinlight Studio!

Swapsies for iPad*

Cost: $.99 on iTunes

Screenshots for Swapsies for iPad, from SpinlightStudio.com/apps

Who doesn’t love to play dress up? Swapsies for iPad brings it to your favorite tablet, without the mess of costumes thrown about the house! (As a mom, this is a winner to me!)

Your preschooler will stretch their imagination with this app. They can create a costume from a selection of occupations. With each completed costume, a sound plays that is associated with the selected occupation. For example, when the child selects clothing for a rancher, a music note icon will appear next to the costume name. Once pressed, the icon will play a horse nay to show that a rancher works with horses.

To help your child identify with the app character, boys and girls can select various hairstyles, hair colors, and skin tones.

Our Verdict: My son enjoys this app very much, his favorite costume being the astronaut! Your child will appreciate this app! Definitely a must for your child.

TallyTots for iPad*

Cost: $2.99 on iTunes

TallyTots screenshots, from SpinlightStudio.com/apps.

This app is an arcade of numbers! With numbers ranging from 1 to 20, each tab shows your preschooler how to count to the selected number and features an activity highlighting the number.

Your child will be entertained for sure with this app! Activities range from counting coins to playing with a racetrack. In addition to teaching your child to count, this app also can show your child how to save money with a piggy bank, making a sandwich, and cleaning up toys!

Our Verdict: Out of the apps featured, this is my son’s personal favorite — and mine too!

AlphaTots for iPad

Cost:$2.99 on iTunes

AlphaTots is based on the same concept of TallyTots: multiple activities that coincide with the selected letter tabs.

AlphaTots screenshots, from SpinlightStudio.com/apps.

This app is a great way to drive home basic phonics to your preschooler. It will even introduce early spelling. With activities such as instrument playing and digging in a sandbox, learning the alphabet will click with your child!

Our Verdict: Get it! My son loves singing the alphabet song and has learned to spell a couple of words from it. Well worth the money!

* – The iPad Baby received redemption codes from the developer for review purposes.

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