My Top 5 Apps for iOS (January)

My current top 5 apps for ipad/iphone

5) Friendly for iPad (Free)
Without a doubt, I am addicted to Facebook. This app feeds the addiction. From my ipad, I am able to upload photos(AWESOME!) and chat with friends without reaching for my iphone. Freaking. Awesome.

4) Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue ($4.99)
JD loves this app with a passion. Whenever there is a shortage of wifi, he turns on this. It’s an interactive storybook that takes the reader on an exciting adventure with Thomas, Percy and Sir Topham Hat. Extra activities include coloring pages, games and a music video.

3) HSCB Study Bible ($9.99)
It’s a study bible for the iPad. Enough said! For those that are tired of carrying around a heavy bible to church, this is a must. It’s a universal app – pay once and use it on all of your iOS devices! Very cost effective πŸ™‚

2) Netflix (Free, with membership)
When we first received as a gift one Christmas, I didn’t realize how much it would be put to use. My son is obsessed with Thomas & Friends and Veggie Tales. Guess what? Netflix has a full selection of streaming selections from these titles! No trips to the library or to Blockbuster required to rent my son’s favorites and it helps trips to the grocery store be pleasant with a toddler.

1) Weight Watchers Mobile app for iPhone and Kitchen Companion for iPad (Free, with program membership)
I have always had a weight problem. Needless to say, with little self-control, these apps have taught me how to eat and lose the weight. So far, I’ve lost 30 lbs. Not bad for an app πŸ™‚

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