Toy Story 3 Read-Along for iPad – What will happen to Andy’s toys?

In the third installment of Toy Story from Pixar and Walt Disney, devoted movie goers will find out what happens to Woody and Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the toy box when Andy leaves home for college and adulthood.

Warning… for those who have not seen the movie yet, this app does give away key details in the plot.
The graphics in this app are gorgeous. Disney brings to life the magic of the movie to the small screen if the iPad. This app is a must for children of any age – readers and non-readers alike.

As with the other Toy Story Read-Along books for the iPad, this edition brings the characters to life with sound clips, featuring the voice talents of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and the rest of the TS3 cast. The app features two reading modes in which allow you and your child to follow along as the story is read aloud or to read at an individual pace. There is also a younger reading mode to simplify page turns. (Perfect for my two-year-old, JD!)
In the event a parent can not be around for story time, there is also an option for an adult to record their voice to narrate the story.
Also with the TS3 Read-Along, a free 30 day trial of DisneyDigitalBooks.com is included for parents to try out. This is an effort for Disney to expand their products to parents beyond the offerings on the iPad. Does Disney anticipate a toddler typing on a keyboard in addition to handling an iPad? oh well..
Since this is the first TS film to come out in 3D, there is an option to view the book in 3D. Just like in the theaters, 3d glasses are required and are available for free at Disney Stores around the country. For locations, click here.
To add to the fun, there are also puzzles, coloring pages, music and games to play in the app after the story is over.

The price for Toy Story 3 Read-Along is $8.99 and is available in the iTunes store.

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