My inspiration for the iPhone Mom: my son, Jonathan

When I received an iPod Touch from my husband one Christmas, I knew I would have a hard time putting it down. Little did I know at the time, my infant son would also have the same problem. After lots of playing and quickly finding out how much our family was using it, my husband upgraded us to an iPhone 3Gs. Goodbye iPod Touch, hello iPhone!

While standing in line at the check out counter at the grocery store one day, my son was grumpy and bored. It was well past nap time and the cashier was busy ringing up customers that clogged her lane. While Jonathan was fussing over a lost pacifier and an empty sippy cup, I was desperate to calm his cries. The looks from other customers waiting impatiently were burning into my flesh when I grasped for the iPhone and planted it into his tiny hands. Within an instant, his mood changed from the fussy terror that occupied the grocery cart into his regular sweet, giggling demeanor. I wondered to myself how long the peace would last.
After emptying out our cart full of groceries, I proceeded to deposit my son into his car seat for the ride home. I took the cell phone from his hands and put it into my purse. Little did I know that once the precious iPhone was out of my son’s hands, such a scream would come from his little mouth.
Fast forward a year and a half, we have swapped the iPod Touch for an iPhone. three months into having the iPhone, we replaced a crack screen and went through $30 at the App Store on iTunes in apps for our son.
Fast forward again to the present day, we have spent well over $100 in apps, and is continuing to grow.

Now, he currently works on both the iPhone and iPad. Both have loads of applications that occupy him during waiting periods and when he is bored during the day at home.
As a family, my husband and I have quickly figured out that this is the perfect platform for our son to learn his numbers, colors, ABCs and other valuable knowledge.
Here are some of our son’s favorite Apps:

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox by THUP ($.99)
Monkey Preschool When I Grow Up by THUP ($.99)
Elmo’s Monster Maker by Sesame Street ($3.99)
Count TV by Sesame Street ($3.99)

There are so many other amazing apps available in the App Store on iTunes. Please check out all reviews before purchasing apps, it can save you from buying some bad ones. Take care!

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