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Elmo’s Monster Maker from Sesame Street

For those with Elmo-aholics

What took Sesame Street so long?! I have been waiting for an Elmo app to come out for the iPhone/iPod Touch. My son loves Elmo. He also loves “his” iPhone. No doubt, this game is a hit with him. The price for this game is $3.99, though on the expensive side for an app for a child, it is great. At that price, you are paying for the Sesame Street name.
This app does make up for the mediocre attempt that Sesame Street made the first time around. My husband’s complaint is about the constant barking, “I want the special, give me the special!” I agree with him.
The game features Elmo encouraging the child to make a monster for him to play with. It places your child in an interactive episode of Sesame Street, designing monsters and letting them play with Elmo. The child can decide which eyes and nose to place on its desired monster, along with fun hats and music for the monster to dance to.
Needless to say, this game had my son giggling for at least 30 minutes!
This is definitely worth buying for your child’s enjoyment. We hope you enjoy!

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