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Introduction: Welcome to the iPhone Mom!

Welcome Fellow Parents!
The purpose of this blog is to provide some insight into using your iPhone/iPod Touch to amuse, educate and to challenge your child.
Teaching a child through video games is a great way to introduce math, reading, and science. Fancy computers are not needed to teach your toddler or preschooler, just an iPhone!
After getting an iPod Touch for Christmas last year, I quickly found out how addicting it was to play. My son was under a year old then and would watch me move a finger to navigate between the pages of apps. After some time, he would cry out, wanting to hold it. At the time, my husband and I were clueless to know that developers were creating apps for the purpose of entertaining a child as young as ours.
During one of my son’s naps, I entered the App Store searching for a new app. I stumbled upon the games category and saw there was a kid subdirectory. Upon searching the avvailable games, I saw the very first app that my son would play: Animals Sound Machine by iFrizzo.com. From then on, my son has logged more hours on my iPhone than my husband and I have combined! At 18 months, my son is well on his way to become the next Apple programmer!
We, (my Husband, JD and I) will be dishing on our favorite apps, as well as newcomers that impress us.
We hope to make this blog a helpful place for teaching and entertaining your child!
Thank you!

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